Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pulling Heaven to Earth

For the past few days, my Dad and I have had WIDE OPEN doors to minister to people's hearts. With so much happening, let's see if I can just summarize:

FRIDAY: In the evening we visited a local church that I attended when living here last year. After the service the pastor asked us to pray for several people. We lingered together in prayer over 2 girls. It was neat to watch the Lord give us impressions in our hearts which we prayed over them. Later we found out that what the Lord was showing us matched with what was going in their lives. I love how the Lord does that!

SATURDAY: Waking up at 5 AM, my Dad and I traveled with 5 other Thai to Korat, a city about 4 hours away. We joined a day of prayer and worship where people from all over the province of Esan came together. The meeting was electric! For over 6 hours the people worshipped and sought after the Lord with tenacity for a breakthrough in Thailand. By the end, my voice was course! But it was incredible to see the energy and focus of the people on seeing the Lord bring a harvest in their land.

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SUNDAY: Tucked away in a neighborhood in Bangkok, we joined a house church for their Sunday celebration. This was especially touching to me because it was at the home of my Thai teacher and prayer partner. Last year when living in Thailand I prayed consistenty with Jume (my teacher) that the Lord would use thier family to bring many to Christ. Now they have a dynamic house church where all of the members have known the Lord for 4-5 months or less! They are all new Christians! When we arrived, Jume's husband asked my Dad to Thai!! Even though my Dad hasn't done this for more than 20 years he managed to pull off a 45 minute message! Afterwards we had an incredible time of prayer ministry. The Holy Spirit touched each one in a unique way.

One little boy in particular named Best, was touched so powerfully that he just lay down on the floor. As he lay there, I prayed over him that the Lord would show him what heaven was like. He got up from the floor about 10 minutes later. I asked him what the Lord said to him, He described a picture that he saw of gold and red. In the center was a circle where people stood and worshipped. And water was flowing from the circle. Then he heard a voice saying, "You are here." When I asked him, where is "here". He said, "Heaven." He explained that he couldn't describe all that he saw. I was so excited. The Lord is inviting children to peer into heaven and pull it to earth.

When we finally got in our taxi to go home, I was exhausted! My dad started up a conversation with the taxi cab driver as usual. He shared about our work here in Thailand, especially about our heart to help young girls stay in school and out of prostitution. Our driver was so moved that we would love the Thai people enough to want to help in this way. I felt the Holy Spirit move in my heart to say something. I explained, "The Love we have for the Thai people comes from God. In fact, God wanted us to meet today so that you could understand His love as well." He turned around and said, "This must be God. I have goosebumps and feel something in my heart." The Holy Spirit moved in his heart. We offered him the Jesus video that he could watch with his family. He was so excited and touched that he did something I have never seen before. He said, "I am so moved that I don't want you to pay the full taxi fare." (This coming from a man that said earlier how hard it was to find passangers now to make a living.") We also were moved to bless him with EXTRA money, which he reluctantly accepted. In the end we got his phone number and plan to follow-up.

The Lord is moving in Thailand. And it is my pure delight to partner with Him in this.

Some pictures of our last few days:

Petch (Jume's son), Jume's Young sister, and Jume leading worship together

Some of the house church members. Can you find my Dad?

A young boy, name Bible (neat name huh?), reading the Word as my Dad preached.

And now it is time to go and play some ping-pong with my Dad! =-)

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