Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Luuk Kruang, bombs, retreats and tummy aches

Ever since I have arrived in Thailand, taxi drivers, hotel workers, and people we meet at churches have been asking me if I am a "Luuk Kruang" or in other words half Thai/ half American. I feel a bit encouraged by this becuase it must mean that my Thai is getting better (although I think if they talked with me longer than a minute or two they would realize by my grammar and lack of vocabulary that I am no where near fluent!). However, this always makes me chuckle considering I am a full head taller than most Thai's and still as blue-eyed and fair skinned as ever!

On a more serious note, 9 homemade bombs have been set off around this city of Hatyai that I am in (Southern Thailand). There has been a raging muslim insurgency that has killed over 2,000 people in the 3 southern most provices that border Songkla, the province in which we currently reside. Unfortunatly, the violence is slowly spreading upwards. God can even use bombs exploding for good. The tourist industry here in hatyai is suffering increidbly from lack of business which means that many prostitutes in the city have had to look to other professions to make a living (yeah!). And the fear that is resting on the city has created open doors for sharing the gospel. Just yesterday I spent time with the girl at the front desk of our hotel. My dad gave her a book that had testimonies from people who had experienced miracles in thier lives. She said she was reading it and it made her feel better. And then she asked me for some other books that she could read like this. Her heart is so open.

Tomorrow I leave for a three day retreat with my dad and 60 pastors and church leaders from hatyai. The purpose of this time is to encourage pastors to take ownership of a major evangelistic thrust in thier city. Even before I came I had a sense of anticipation for this retreat. I really expect God to show up. Please be praying.

I am finally updating this blog after such a long absence becuase I am up in the middle of the night with an uncomfortable ache in my tummy! And being that I can do nothing about it (except pray incredible tool I must say), writing my thoughts seemed like a perfectly sensible thing to do.

I hope to be more diligent in the future. Adele Booysen continues to inspire me. I love reading about her life and I have a faint hope that you will be encouraged by reading about mine.