Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Missionary Life: Washing Cloths

Although I know that this has little eternal value, I have found amusement in thinking about the small adjustment one has to make when living overseas...some for the better and some for say...growth!

One such area is doing laundry! Let me introduce you to my not-so-automatic washing machine. It consists of two different baskets in one machine sitting side by side. One is for the churning motion, and one is for spinning. So this is what a cycle of laundry looks like:

Step 1: Turn the dial to Fill Position, turn on the outside spicket, and put in the soap
Step 2: Drop in the cloths
Step 3: Wait until the water is at an acceptable amount. Turn the Dial to "agitating cycle*
Step 4: Come back in 5-10 minutes and hope that you didn't put in to much soap! (I did this once. LOTS of BUBBLES!!)
Step 5: Turn the Dial to drain and wait for the water to go down.
Step 6: Take each piece out one by one and rinse under the water spiket
Step 7: Place the load in the spin basket and turn on
Step 8: If the washing machine starts making a load pounding noise and the whole machine wiggles it means the load is not properly balanced. Adjust the load as necessary to make the cloths equal on all sides of the spinning basket. Do this as many times as it takes until the noise stops.
Step 9: Come back in 5-10 minutes and Take each piece out and hang on the line to dry.
Step 10: RESULTS: Stiff but clean cloths! Yeah!

Time for one load: About 30 minutes
Loads per Day: 1-2

Keep in mind I am not complaining. If Adele Booysen, my missionary friend in Kenya, were to read this she would probably laugh because I am sure she does not live with such a convenience as a washing machine. I actually greatly enjoy this "domestic" time. It gives me time to think and process through the day. I just thought I would share part of my everyday life with you.

smiles to you. Fan Dee (Or sweet dreams)


Amy said...

Ah, this brings back memories; had a washing machine like this one summer when I lived in China. It was indeed an adjustment! Glad you're able to enjoy that time. :)

gregmaron said...

Kit tung mak, tee rak ti sut